Finding a Path

We all have our journeys which leads

us no where

we are satisfied with our proposal

to reach out to

the ends of earth where we have

a particular love

that we find content in our lives

because we assume

we know the place called

Paradise Unseen

which exists in all of us.

It may be far it is destiny

known and unknown

because we love comforts meant

under the duvet

lies our dream of fulfilment;





Because it has no price today

but we are charged

every step of the way until

we are free or

jailed and can't find the path

to our limitless dreams

is the destiny of our fate;

to have and have not

is a Puzzle of life and human

we are led astray

upon the river of love

to be loved or not

it has taken us  through deceit

and a thoroughfare

of love and it is a path of life

that has no end

to the agony and pain of life




is a virtuous path



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