Gary Edward Geraci

Muscle Cars


Mild malaise, mixed malady: a

Rumbling by my Lady’s statue;

Muscle cars owned by middle aged

Men, men in midlife crisis, keep


Mufflers that rumble and fright my

Queen grottoed in the front shrubs, short

Sheared and cave shaped for Her Glory.

Noisy machines, especially


At night, cruise by and curse the door

Frame, it shakes; a stentorian

Pass of exhaust gas masks the true

Morass of men now half-empty.


Yet I might just buy one too and

To Holy Hour I’d drive it, like

Bikers for Christ, in high style:

Mid-fifties, eight stacked, the path straight!


Gary Edward Geraci


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Loved it!
    Now keep in mind muscle cars aren't only for mid life men, some ladies drive them too! *C✌

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      Yes of course Claudelle and I would enjoy contemplating that scene equally as well! Muscle cars - well engineered cars, autos of high quality and style are for everyone - even if for only the moments they race through our imaginations. It's all in the human ingenuity and spirit of creation in my humble opinion. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your friendship!

    • orchidee

      That'll teach 'em, if they judge by outward appearance, if you turn up in one of those at church!
      Don't ya dare cough, or hardly breathe, in some places, where it says 'silence' in the service! Then again, are some them alive in there even? Doh!

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Oh the challenges of orderliness and silence Orchidee - but proper reverence is due of course -there's a time and place for everything - ('less we get too big for own britches and losing weight isn't an option.) Celebrating here the light-heartedness of our Lord.

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