House Upon the Hill

                             The House Upon the Hill

                             by: Michael Vanderhoof


           I pass it by so regular, on any given day.

          A shiver will engulf me, as I journey on my way.

          What really ever happened there, are the stories even true?

          To think I almost entered once, as kids sometimes will do.


          But terror got the best of me, on that long cold autumn night.

          The dares at first kept prompting me, but I gave into my fright.

          For when I got so close that time, I was spirited away…

          The feeling all too sinister, and I felt I couldn’t stay.


          Many years have come and gone, but my feelings still the same.

          Something here’s unsettling, since the last time that I came.

          Even on the sunniest day, or the darkest of the night.

          This house just sits here waiting, as if to prove it’s might.


          I admit my intimidation, as I pass by on the street.

          So will many others, practically everyone you meet.

          They each will have a story, or some folklore to explore.

          Most with true experience, as they tried to pass its door.


  • Saxon Crow

    Nice poem MV. I love that you have left us wondering about the stories, it brings into the poem.

    • vanabba3

      Thanks for reading! Well, I am sure there will be more to come... I have another eleven poems if you want a midnight read. Some are based on true stories, but I leave it up to the reader to figure it out.

    • dusk arising

      Oh i want to go inside and experience whatever it is which gives the place such an air of mystery. Why? you may ask.
      To be inspired to write a poem about it of course, just like it has inspired you to write such a delicious mystery.

      • vanabba3

        Thanks for reading! I have several more, but leave the light on when you read them...LOL

      • Poetic Rhyme

        This kinda reminds me of a song mostly the title I think though.
        You did great penmanship here loved it great work.
        Here's the link to the video for the song I mentioned if your curious.

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