I love your skinny legs



I love your skinny legs, your sunken cheek,

Your hair like strands of wire, and though you are

Disposed to frown, aloof, not tame, nor meek,

I'd sooner have you than beauty by far.

For beauty is a passing thing, ne'er pleased,

A malcontent, once praised, ne'er satisfied,

A toy, a bauble, nearly always seized

With its own perfection, consumed with pride.

Ah! You are bent, and old, but in my sight

Beautiful, such a star, a lovely book

In which I read the days and deeds now past,

The scars, the truths, the agony surpassed.

The bravery that now hangs in your look,

Tells the world you are still ready to fight.




  • FredPeyer

    As they say, beauty is only skin-deep. Well written tundrol!

    • tundrol

      Thanks Fred Peyer, you're a gentleman.

    • dusk arising

      Age brings appreciation of what really is beautiful.

      • tundrol

        Yes, dusk, you are right on the nail

      • Barry Hodges

        I wonder how people would have reacted if your poem had begun "I love your short, fat, hairy legs"???

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