Little girls like me

We went from getting our hair pulled by the little boys who liked us

And the little boys pushing us on the swing

And the little boys asking us to the movies

And the play ground hugs behind the teachers backs

And getting notes and candy slipped into a locker

And the good morning and goodnight texts from those little boys

To being rated on a scale from one to ten

To getting pushed onto the ground and being taken advantage of

The men doing but not asking

The secrets we weren’t supposed to tell to anyone

The mean slut shaming notes slipped into our lockers

The constant comments that slowly crush you

I wish more than anything that those little boys come back

I wish more than anything girls in today’s world wouldn’t have to worry about the clothes they wear

Or the pictures they take

Or the man behind her on the quiet street

Because those little boys

Are way less scary than the scary men who think it’s ok to hurt little girls

Little girls like me


  • railasunshine

    I love this.

    • jackeggz

      Thank you :))

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Great piece & true to what is currently happening, very sad, thanks for sharing, stay safe! & keep writing!
      *C ✌

      • jackeggz

        It is a sad world out there :( but thankfully we still have amazingly strong woman out there to power through the pain! and thank you for commenting! :))

      • Unsub

        A sad piece but even sadder is it’s true that many (by no means all) of those little boys feel it is ok to use & abuse girls & ladies. Do they just turn off their emotion side & feel they can do what they like no matter who they hurt!

        I hope this hasn’t happened to you but if it has then I do hope you will overcome.

        We’ve had a few weirdo men here on MPS but thankfully their online abuse has been discovered by brave girls & women speaking out so we could name & shame & obviously remove.

        I’m a man but I’m happily in a relationship & was brought up to respect girls. I’m no saint but I’ve never felt the need to take advantage of a girl.

        Stay strong & great poem of the sad world of men we live in.

        To balance it their are some women like this but the men certainly do have the majority.

        Kind regards


        • jackeggz

          It is a sad world and I’m so glad to hear from new people! Thank you so much! :))

        • Clara

          This is really good... A true story and a sad remember of how it used to be and how it is now. Written beautifully nonetheless.

          • jackeggz

            Thank you

          • Alan .S. Jeeves

            A strong poem from a strong person Jack.
            I hope that all is well with you.

            Es animo, Alan

            • jackeggz

              Thank you! :)

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