If I Knew Then

If I knew then what I know now

I would have found a way somehow

to take my share and bear the load

to walk together down that road

but youth and immaturity

did not allow my eyes to see.


Now time has passed, the clock runs on

it's far too late to sing my song

but if I knew then I would surely try

to pluck a star from the velvet sky

and braid it into your golden hair

to prove to you how much I care.


And it's far too late

to wish that I could set things straight

to think that we might roll back time

to hope that you might be inclined

to set aside your bitterness

forgive my foolish selfishness


Someday I'll write a poem for you

honest words long overdue

the shame and sadness of my life

are the memories that invade my nights

dreams that taunt me with "somehow"

if I knew then what I know now.


  • Clara

    This is really good 🙂🙂

  • angmaria

    Very soulful 💕! Lots of emotion shining through I enjoyed reading it

  • dusk arising

    Soothing to be touched by your words today. Life's injustices are rarely all 'one way' though.
    So many situations we could resolve to advantage with our wisdom of latter years tells true in your piece today.
    Your choice of phrasing brings to mind that this piece is a very personal write with perhaps one other person in mind.

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