Goddess of the Mist

Dragon's Keep

In the tangled web of the dragon’s lair
there were nooks and crannies everywhere
A token treasure lay hidden there
for who to find and who would dare?

While a full moon shines through cracks in the roof
she decides she would like to know the truth
Ventures from her bed to see a night sky where
star-lit clouds drift across the atmosphere

Now they are ghosts, then death shrouds, then nothing
She thinks of what she’s got to lose; not much
Down by the seaside where she knows the cave to be
she will venture there alone, willingly

She takes a deep breath as she enters the gloom
the chill of the night follows a warm afternoon
Feeling the heat of the dragon and the rumble of his roar
it doesn’t scare her because she knows the score

Long ago from this dragon's foot she pulled a thorn
now he senses her movements and knows her reaction
Seeing the glint and the gleam of the finest of gemstones
she reaches for her quest: a perfect bloodstone

It is change she desires and change that she seeks
A bloodstone to bring it; a dragon to keep.


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