upside down

i actually see you upside down

but it's easy on my eyes to see you right side up, so i do it automatically in the curling of a long breath 

your shape makes me hungry, but i only like shapes when i'm lonely 

i'll stuff the square in the circle and swear (on my heart hope to die) that it's built and bent exactly like you 

"i will never know what you mean!" 
i know, i know but hear me out - 

i like that. i like it when we're secret and critters are crawling through your hair through blades of grass 

let me pick them out - (i can only do that when you're lonely) 

your skin is hot to the touch but i wait until it's cold like revenge, so i can warm you up 

we begrudgingly head back to my house but i stop you at the door because your shape is off tonight. 

i like it when we're quiet and secret. little ghosts that don't knock on doors. 

little ghosts like the posters on your wall that haunt each gesture - each twitch - each kiss 

maybe you wish i was one of those posters. i do 

stuck like a fly against the wall. in secret. 

together. you and me. 

lick me up sticky and salty slurp me through a straw. 

let me rest on your teeth without begging.


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