Your clear skies, your tender pastures –

In this stark, breathless hour

I miss them more than ever.

Keys and locks, bridges and roads

keep me apart from you,

miles of silence and lonely sun.


Now, a cloud descends upon me,

an old, heavy cloud laden

with thunder and tears.

I must sing this sad song

and let my tears cleanse me

until we’ll be reunited.


  • Saxon Crow

    Lovely poem A. Although the solitude of where you are is quite appealing!

  • dusk arising

    Ah the longing for the one-ness of two in love.
    The clouds will be blown away on the sweet breeze of unity once again i hope.

  • Poetic Dan

    Tears clear the window to the soul!

  • dominick beltran

    Great use of writing techniques, I can see the words playing in my head.

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