Joe Dawson

There’s no such word as no tonight. (Afterglow)

Notice of absence from Joe Dawson
I shall be away for quite some time. It's been great fun. Stay safe, stay well. Goodbye for now. Joe

Love-locked fingers, hearts entwined,

Calmer now, love's storm's passed by,

Lover's heads on heaven's breast,

A time to spoon, a time to rest.


A time when two lay back as one,

Combined in fortune, faith and love,

As moonlight traces love-moist flesh,

A kiss that fairly takes the breath.


Shall I tell of secrets spawned in dreams,

Of love's confessions, hearts revealed?

Eyes that transcend worldly ways, a

Whispered wish, a promise made. Does

Love demand we ask too much? Oh, yes

My dear, I'm sure it does.


Lips that linger, love that lasts, scorching

Fingers, soft caress, pillow giggles, eyes

Divine, there's no such word as no tonight.


© Joseph G Dawson 


  • dusk arising

    Nice words Joe, very romantic. Reminded me of a song by Luther Vandross 'love won't let me wait'.

    • Joe Dawson

      Thank you for spending the time to read. I am very grateful. Joe

    • Mil57Man

      Such a lovely poem. Makes it worth falling in love.

      • Joe Dawson

        Thank you, It's always worth falling in love I think, it is a treat like no other. Joe

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Excellent piece, Joe
        Have a great day, Sir

        • Joe Dawson

          Thank you Claudelle, That you liked it is my reward and that is enough. Joe

        • Goldfinch60

          Wonderful lovelorn write Joe.

        • Evergreen

          This is beautiful. Well done.

          • Joe Dawson

            Thank you, I treasure your words. Joe

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