Secret Pleasure

It must of been the way you walked

The way you talked

The way you perceived yourself

So tall

So mysterious

So... my style

What was I supposed to think?

How was I supposed to act?

You came unexpectedly

You are my unforeseen love

All I could do was stare...

stare at your eyes

Your hands

Your lips

Oh how Divine you were to my mind

My secret pleasure of the eyes


  • Mil57Man

    Captivating. I can relate but is it lust or is it fate. Do good things come to those who wait? An on going debate.

  • dusk arising

    Reminded me very much of something i wrote a while back which i wanted to put inside a valentines card:-

    unprepared for you
    there you were
    for some reason
    you see my reason
    and you lift me
    from the wreckage
    in your arms
    i live again

    Strange how love comes 'out of the woodwork' when you least expect it. Quite lovely isn't it.

    I really enjoyed reading your poem.

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