In the not so distant future just can't say when, although

I think about you time and time again. Soon we'll meet

becoming the best of friends, you are my Godsend.


You'll probably laugh when I try to croon for your lovely

heart I come to swoon, even though I'm off tune it will

be soon, I'll be placing a ring on your finger the stone

will be the moon.


When we have our tryst, our own paradise in the midst

becoming inflamed from the first kiss, I believe you

know the gist.


For now I'll pray, I'll wish, I'll even fish to come to you

my enchanting dish. But I can definitely say... Soonish


  • Joe Dawson

    If I may suggest, a little more effort should do the trick, do not skimp on matters of the heart, but pour your heart into it and you will not be disappointed. Brave words. Joe

    • Mil57Man

      Thank you much Joe for letting me know. Will do.

    • Poetic Dan

      Magical flow, that soonish will be lucky to know...

      Keep up the write

      • Mil57Man

        Thank you much Poetic Dan, you're the man.

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