What If I Said I Love You?


What if I said I love you?

Would you run?

Would you hesitate before saying thank you?

Would you freeze up?

Would you shut down?


What if I said I need you?

Would you say you need me too?

Or would you leave me hanging?

Because believe me I can stand on my own but


What if I don’t want to?

Would you hold my hand?

Fall asleep next to me on cold nights?

Or would we fight until you slam the door and I turn out all the lights as I cry?


What if I kissed you longer next time?

Would your lips taste like mine?

Would we lose ourselves in the heat that night?

Or would we hold it together to ensure we keep our light?


What if I said I love you?

Would you say it back?

Would you mean it?

Do you feel it?

Because I feel it

Because I mean it

Because I love you

Do you love me too?


  • dusk arising

    Well i hope she reads this..... but there again she might ask 'who is this other woman you are writing about?'

    • Evergreen

      He* knows I only ever mean him :)

    • Joe Dawson

      After such a poem there can be only one reply, and I am tempted to proffer 'Yes'. You touch the heart. Joe

      • Evergreen

        Thanks so much!

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