From across the dry ice, I see her pale face

Hair so black & streaked in neon green

Light blue lipstick on her wet seductive lips

She is the most beautiful I have ever seen


High tech, low life


She beckons me to come closer to her face

I stare into her moist vampire style eyes

Stockings black & ripped along her calf

I run my hands up & down her silken thighs


High tech, low life


The DJ cracks open another track

The angry beat hits like a heart attack

In the crowd among the high & drunk

Is a predatory cyberpunk


The DJ kicks out another track

The manic vocal is like a brain hijack

In the crowd among the high & drunk

Is a solitary cyberpunk


She slowly teases me with her studded tongue

We're unaware of the dancing bodies around us

The bass pounds & increases our tight caress

I need to have her, I know I shouldn't, but I must


High tech, low life


We slip out into the back room for some privacy

She takes me like I have never been taken before

When I wake up, she has left me alone & gone

I've lost her to the pulsating energy of the dance floor


High tech, low life


© 2020 Unsub



  • Goldfinch60

    She may have left you but surely those wonderful memories will be forever with you.


    • Unsub

      It was 15 years ago. During my own cyberpunk years. We had just had our new track played in a club in Amsterdam & I was rather intoxicated.


    • orchidee

      Oohh, should I meet her too? Will it be too much for me?! lol.

      • Unsub

        she would have eaten you alive

      • Laura


        Wow! Vivid and engaging !
        Strangely enough, I really liked this one very much! My imagination took me places where perhaps I shouldn’t go! These lyrics truly captivated my attention.

        Some of my favorites phrases that enhanced the reading of your lyrics...

        ‘seductive lips’
        ‘her vampire style eyes’
        ‘The bass pounds & increases our tight caress’

        She’s like a drug.

        ‘I need to have her, I know I shouldn’t, but I must’

        Once she’s done, she moves on to her next victim.

        ‘High tech, low life’

        Now just imagine...


        • Unsub


          hope you are keeping safe & well.

          I'm currently writing new material for the band & it brought back memories of the night we had our track 'Glass' premiered at a CyberGoth club in Amsterdam.

          The pounding bass was our bass line written by me!

          Yes High Life, Low Tech works well & when we record it I may well alter that line throughout. It will be a robotic or heavily vocoded voice chanting that line.



        • Saxon Crow

          Good write my friend. Maaaaan i was into that scene as well. Memories are a stirring!

          • Unsub


            my band is that genre & I just can't get enough of it. Can't wait to return to Amsterdam or Berlin to re-live those memories.

            Thanks as always,


            • Saxon Crow

              Nowadays I'm more into folk!

              I used to be in a band as well more rock n indie though

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            • Dove

              Intense and provocative,
              Woman after my own heart, of course
              I’m too shy for such encounters!

              Great Write!!!!

              • Unsub


                I thought I was too shy too but sometimes you have to just go with it.



              • The Uneducated O.A.P

                Nice one Unsub, got to the second verse and had to go for a lie down, ime at a funny age you know! , Bill

                • Unsub


                  you watch your blood pressure! I'll add a 'Bill' extreme material warning next time for you!!



                  • The Uneducated O.A.P

                    Ime ok now, bin on Tha Valium, lol

                  • tundrol

                    Strong rhythms and imagery, but personally, I would vary the tone. But that's just me, of course. Blue is more blue against orange and so on.

                    • Unsub


                      thanks for reading & commenting. I thought I had varied the tone as the verses are a changed tone from the chorus & also the little one liner separating verses. I guess it will be more obvious when recorded. I do appreciate your visit; thanks,


                    • LAWLESS

                      Even though the thought of you having a tryst with a cool punk chick makes me want to hurl, I do believe this one would be a fucking kick-ass song.

                      • Unsub


                        I believe you!


                      • Santita

                        What an atmosphere you've created. Thick with the punk-club vibe, vivid and engrossing scene. Great cadence.
                        I truly enjoyed reading a unique theme like this. Refreshing!

                        • Unsub


                          appreciate your visit. I am about to re-embark on the whole scene as we get nearer releasing our new album. Maybe I'll bump into my cyberpunk again!


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