Glass I & II

Glass I


Their pace of life is way too fast

I can’t keep up, they travel past

Faces pushed up against the glass

I’m way too slow, I will be last


At this pace, I’m in control

Their constant rat-race takes its toll

Faces pushed up against the glass

I try to hang on to my soul


Too much pressure, breaking through

I watch the glass fall down

Cutting, slicing all of you

As the impact cracks your crown


Too much pressure, falling through

Rushing, crashing down

Broken fragments, all of you

Like the shards in which you drown


These people they, will never stop

Will something ever make them drop?

Faces pushed up against the glass

Too much heat to reach the top


In-between the concrete bases

They’ve finally stopped their loop of races

Faces pushed up against the glass

Behold, their splintered faces




Glass II


Await the sound

Await the sound

Await the sound of breaking glass


The insects march in unison

Unaware of the control they are under

I watch them dance below

Stomping wildly to the droning beat


Rhythm too fast

Bass line too harsh

Await the sound of breaking glass


Flashlight photography

Blinding tired eyes

Disguising blatant lies


Strobe light nightmare

Infrared dreams


Into ultra-violent screams


Strobe light mayhem

Infected dreams

Claustrophobic state

With agonising screams


The controlled dance as one

Unaware their rhythm is programmed

I stare at the carnival below

Dancing madly to the droning beat


Rhythm too fast

Bass line too harsh

Await the sound of breaking glass


Flashlight photography

Pierces tired eyes

Escape they cannot find


Rhythm too fast

Bass line too fast

Too fast too harsh

Too harsh too fast

Await the sound of breaking glass


© 2010 Unsub


  • anonymousblue

    This tense, anxiously flowing poem depicts with plenty of eloquent imagery the madness and futility of modern life. Well done.

    • Unsub


      the reason for two pieces is I wrote so much that it was too much as one piece so it became two parts.

      Glad you enjoyed,


    • Goldfinch60

      Glass 1:
      The pace of life creating havoc within us but there are some whose pace can be slower and will look upon the others with disdain.

      Glass 11:
      One day that strobe light will come to a halt and the light will shine on us in harmony. (Is this a song on you new album or is it an old one from 2010 as it says on your copyright line)


      • Unsub


        Glass I was recorded by my band & was actually our first ever release. No.3 in the German alternative download chart so we were very pleased with the reaction.

        Glass II was written at the same time from cut-off's from the original. We never recorded it but that doesn't mean we won't. We did consider a long remix including both sets of lyrics...we'll see.

        It was a 2010 release although written a few years before-hand. Took two years to develop in a final mastered version.



      • Dove

        glass is see through, so you never
        Know when you’re walking into it
        Life is stressful at points ! Anyhow
        Great description of daily chaos

        I only break glass when doing the
        Dishes !

        • Unsub


          daily chaos hits us the moment we wake & doesn\'t leave us until we sleep!

          I love breaking glass. That said I have learned my lesson. Many years ago my Grandad was going to pull down one of his outbuildings. Before he did I was allowed to shoot all the windows out with my air-rifle. During this very exciting moment I managed to hit the window frame & the air pellet fizzed back & hit me in the face. Lesson learned! I was 7 years old & cried for about a week!



          • Dove

            Oh my! Thanks for sharing Sub! I guess you
            Can be thankful it didn’t hit your eye and blind you!

            Its probably a lesson that If you are going to break something, you need to be careful
            Take Care

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