Joe Dawson

She'll be working tonight

Notice of absence from Joe Dawson
Taking a little time off now for good behaviour, be back in about a week. Be good, stay safe. Joe

She's nobodies fool, she's got eyes

That can see, she's still got her figure,

And five mouths to feed. Her man ain't

Around he's inside doin' time, so she's

Left to make ends meet by working at



She's nobodies fool, she's a girl on

The rack, you'd have thought her a

Starlet some 18 years back. Today she's

As wise as she should have been then,

What she does for the money, buys the

Food, pays the rent.


She's nobodies fool, she's a doll with

Long legs, she's been battered and

Bruised, play-worn and depressed.

She takes all the knocks, all the risks

And arrest, all to keep her home safe,

And her children well fed.


She's nobodies fool, she's a proud

Woman too, what she does is a must,

Her kids must go to school. Life has

Never been easy, there's always a

Price, you may see her downtown,

She'll be working tonight.

 © Joseph G Dawson


  • The Uneducated O.A.P

    And, sadly she won't be alone, nicely put, Bill

    • Joe Dawson

      No she won't Bill, but she'll keep going as long as the kids need her. Thanks Bill. Joe

    • dusk arising

      Wonderful words in praise of motherhood and whatever it takes. High moral stances do not put food on the table, nor roofs over heads, nor the comfort of motherly love in a tightly knit family unit.

      Courageous and hard hitting writing from you Joe. For some a very uncomfortable insight, there's more to mothers day than a present of a new pairs of slippers or a box of chocolates.

      Goes into my favourites.

      • Joe Dawson

        Thank you so much, I appreciate your words and your 'fav'. Motherhood is a many faceted endeavour that often goes unseen, but nonetheless, it is an unrelenting love of single focus, the well-being of the child or children. My thanks again. Joe

      • Goldfinch60

        Such a strong write, mothers will do anything to bring their children up into the world of life.


        • Joe Dawson

          Thanks Andy, Yes, a mother's love, no one closer to the child than the mother who brought life into the world, an unbreakable bond. Thanks again.Joe

        • Laura


          I truly appreciate your wonderful write! I’m the mother of two. I’d do whatever it’d take to keep my ‘children well fed’...
          mentally and physically!

          I know yesterday was Mother’s Day in the U.K.
          So I wish all the moms in the U.K. a belated


          • Joe Dawson

            Hi Laura, I am sure you are a wonderful mum, your heart gives you away. Mother's Day was not the day it usually is here in the UK, but technology came very much to the rescue, electronic flowers and messages of love and goodwill filled the internet. Your wishes to all UK mums is thus passed on, and may I take this opportunity to send my best wishes to you. Stay well and stay well out of harms way - look after yourself in these troubled times. Joe

            • Laura

              Grazie Mille caro Giuseppe!🤗

            • Michael Edwards

              It's all been said - a brilliant piece of writing. My first fave for many weeks.

              • Joe Dawson

                Thank you Michael, I am in awe, grateful. and lost for words. Your 'fav' is better than an OBE, I am cock-a-hoop. Thanks again. Joe

              • Fay Slimm.

                A strong but empathetic write Joe - mothers who care will go to great lengths to keep children fed and feeling loved - - yes whatever it takes and you verse it so well Joe - - am saving this needed reminder of such devotional love to my list of favourites.

                • Joe Dawson

                  Thank you Fay, I am over the moon, blown away and stumbling to find something really meaningful to say, save that it was Mother's Day and in these uncertain times I was thinking of all mothers and the task ahead for those who are often forgotten or overlooked, but sacrifice all they have in an effort to bring their children up well fed and in safety. My thanks for the 'fav'. Joe

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