Claudelle DeLuna

**I love you mama**

have I told you mama

how much I love you

have I said to you enough

I love you I love you I truly do

the journey is in sickness mama

and I still find me unaffected

a strong will  you gave me mama

by conditioning the world out of me

and allowing me to always be free

have I told you mama

how much of you is in me

I love you mama

Claudelle DeLuna ©2020


  • Dove

    Awe, this was nice! Some mothers
    Are truly inspirational gifting their
    Children with inner strength and

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Thank you for stopping by my friend πŸ’–

    • Laura


      Your poem is absolutely beautiful!
      As I read it, I envisioned my mom talking to me and encouraging me to be strong and resilient whenever I’m faced with any adversities.

      I’ve been without her for almost five months. I miss her very much. She was my rock. I’ve shut myself in.
      In solitude, I’ve been mourning her! She has been appearing in my dreams lately. She tells me she’s beside me. She’s urging me to stop the mourning and live my life to the fullest.

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.
      Reading them felt like my mom was speaking to me.


      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Laura, my condolences, I can only imagine how this has affected you,
        allow yourself to grieve, keeping in
        mind she will always be in your heart.
        Thank you so much for visiting & favoring
        the writing, take care of yourself, especially right now with this current pandemic, waves of hugs & love to you,

      • Neville

        A delightful dedication and true.. fit for mothers all over the world and wherever they are...

        Stay well Claudelle,


        • Claudelle DeLuna

          Thank you, Neville
          Stay awesome!

        • dusk arising

          Maybe something a man can never truly feel is revealed in your words today. I can only look-on imagining the bond which shapes such a relationship.
          Lovely to read and reflect upon.

          • Claudelle DeLuna

            Thank you, Dusk
            Much appreciated, Sir

          • Fay Slimm

            A beautiful tribute to a much loved Mother who guided her daughter with caring reminders - - - - -thank you Claudelle for sharing your closeness and love of your own mama.

            • Claudelle DeLuna

              Thank you so much, Fay
              Much appreciated πŸ’–

            • orchidee

              A lovely write Claudelle.

            • Crystal Hope

              awww that is so sweet. a beautiful tribute to mothers

              • Claudelle DeLuna

                Thank you, Crystal
                Stay well during this pandemic

              • Michael Edwards

                Beautiful - my mind goes straight back to my mother - how I miss her.

              • Amon

                what a penned thing
                Good day Dove, take good care

              • Goldfinch60

                Mothers are so wonderful and should always be loves as yours obviously is Claudelle.


              • Gary Edward Geraci

                Yes! Known to be a mama's boy myself: first and foremost loyal to the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, the Mother of our Lord.

                • Claudelle DeLuna

                  Thank you, Gary
                  Keep well, Sir

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