When will things get better?


Better? There is no  "better"... We're not very good at this... Being human, living the way we live.. We're not good at it.. In fact We're shit at it. Look at what we do to each other, look at what we do to the ones we love. Look at what we could have been and then realise how far removed that dream is from the true nature of what it means to be human and what it takes to be a human. There's the dream and then there's the reality and it's about time we all woke the fuck up.. We're not very good at this.

No justification needed, no excuse needed or no defence needed against accusations of nihilism or defeat...that's not what this is, this is reality, this is the truth, reality and the truth are like poetry, and most people fucking hate poetry. And that is what's wrong with us.... And in knowing what is wrong with us, we show ourselves how to begin putting things right, we show ourselves how to be better.....


  • Saxon Crow

    All depends what you choose to look for my friend. There is great kindness and love in this place as well

  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Great writing, Ed
    a lot needs to change before
    we as humans can embrace the
    whole aspect of what it entails to
    be here existing....
    Stay well during this pandemic

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