Notice of absence from Amon
Just expecting a deployment in my country in line with the facilitation in the prevention of further spread of this pandemic infecting our beloved world.
I might be offline for some time, don't know till when but I hope all of you will be safe, I wish I will be safe too during these executions.

A soul gone astray, very far in the land of the dead

utterly corrupt and rotten in that cavernous pit 

impudent and stiff hearted, assuredly beyond the crunch

hatred and anger, Alas, a staple

hell-bent, only the devil would care, just a kiss of death

a lost ball in the weeds

kept in stitches to the devil dancing at his grave.

 An explicit memoir to the the erstwhile persona of me 


Who am i to escape such hosts and Legion

what muscle have i contra those paranormal hooligans and foes

corporeal strength is all i' got, too weak within

no sun, no moon, not even a star of hope

neither dream nor imagination of rejuvenation

palpitate and plummet is all i could

solely left was to surrender and submit to the devil.


Then boom! the trigger was pulled upon my prior

i could discern sound idiosyncratic

chains breaking and falling

my Redeemer

the altruistic Cadre, blameless Lamb

functioning as meticulous like a clock

bringing my being into personification again

nursing me back to health

scoffing every dominant sin

juxtaposing together my heart, my soul, my mind 

in the destruction of their curious paradox

paying ransom for my iniquities

i have a new breath of fresh air.

the Lord

Sufficient is His Grace 


  • orchidee

    I don't think I can express it as intricately as you do, though I write on much the same genre. :)

    • Amon

      I appreciate brethren, thanks a lot but you are also my inspiration.
      Stay safe there

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      An excellent piece, Amon
      yes indeed the spiritual road is one of the best, thanks for sharing, and stay well during this pandemic.

      • Amon

        Thanks for the uplifting comment Claudelle.
        Stay safe, be hopeful as well.

      • Dove

        Well written, there’s good and bad in all of us and with God’s grace we can rejoice
        and feel the goodness!

        • Amon

          Sure Dove, that's why our hope is ever growing. thanks for the read.

        • Mil57Man

          Blessed and highly favored.
          Been there, done that and that door has been closed, there's no going back. Good One.

          • Amon

            Thanks so much

          • Joe Dawson

            This will I fancy give many a lost soul reason to rejoice. Light my road so I may walk without stumbling. Joe

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