Alan .S. Jeeves

Afore The Cockerel Crows

Who is this muse afore me stood?

I know her not, I say.

A temperate stirring of the blood,

I bid her go away.

Her seducing, warm, pacific smile,

The shining in her eye;

I watch her handsome form a while

Afore her I deny.


I look, once more, a further glance

Affirming what I thought.

A glowing, flowing, countenance

Upon mine eyes here brought.

I bid her go, a second time,

Yet, still, she must remain

Sparkling in the morning rime

Be gone, I say, again.


I close my eyes and hope to see

Her off before I wake.

An angel come to beckon me

And for my soul to take.

My eyes are opened, looking on,

Aroused from my repose ~

I'd surely bid her thrice begone

Afore the cockerel crows.




  • orchidee

    A fine write Alan.
    Did ya thrice say ;'Go, go, go gal'?!

    • Alan .S. Jeeves

      It was bee away with you, buzz off Steve.

      Ex animo, Alan

      • orchidee

        Aww, I only asked. Now you say buzz off! lol. :)

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      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Very nice, ASJ
        waking up to another great day
        for sure....
        stay well during current times,

        • Alan .S. Jeeves

          Hi Claudelle. Thanks for reading and your good wishes. I hope that you stay well also.

          Kind regards, Alan

        • Saxon Crow

          Nice one ASJ. I love these style of poem

          • Alan .S. Jeeves

            Hi SC. Thanks for your comment. I'm pleased you like it.

            Ex animo, Alan

          • FredPeyer

            Beautiful writing, ASJ!

            • Alan .S. Jeeves

              Thanks for calling by Fred. I hope that all is well with you in 5-0.

              Kind regards, Alan

            • Michael Edwards

              Excellent work ASJ

              • Alan .S. Jeeves

                I'm pleased that you enjoyed Michael. Thank you and best wishes to you and yours.

                Kind regards, Alan

              • Amon

                A piece from an undoubtedly orderly mindset,

                • Alan .S. Jeeves

                  Thank you Amon, but I don't know about orderly.

                  Kind regards, Alan

                  • Amon

                    Well, it's nothing compromising, just "well-arranged"

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Super write Alan, she will always be with you.


                    • Alan .S. Jeeves

                      Thank you Andy. Hope that you are okay, stay safe now.

                      Ex animo, Alan

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