Joe Dawson

Silver lining

Through the darkest days of loss

And despair, when faith is in

Turmoil, ‘there’s no God up there!

A crossroads in life, d'ya press on or

D’ya stall? In desperate confusion

To Hell with it all’.


The world is a cauldron of all things

Unfair, how could God let this

Happen? Does he not hear your

Prayers? Does he not hear your

Prayers? Does he not give a hoot?

Have your sins of the past all come

Home to roost?


The labours of life for the young and

The old, misfortune stands waiting like

Catching a cold. It’s not part of a plan,

Nor God’s anger unfurled, you’re not

Singled out, it’s just nature at work.


Do not trade belief on the back of a tear,

Remember the cross, the sponge and the

Spear. What tears were cried then, what

Sadness poured forth, but the one silver

Lining, was faith in the Lord.


© Joseph G Dawson


  • orchidee

    I wouldn't say the churches are closing because of 'not now believing in a God', but the practical reason of it being a gathering of people - a very risky nightmare sort of situation at present.
    Yet you return to faith in the Lord at the end.
    This is how I see this poem. Good write Joe.

    • Joe Dawson

      No one said the churches are closing because of a lack of faith in God. I appreciate your reading. Joe

      • orchidee

        Thanks Joe. That's just what came to my mind at the start of the poem.

      • Joe Dawson

        Thanks Orchidee, The beginning is a reflection of what many friends of mine utter immediately anything goes wrong - it's always God's fault, never their own. Joe

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        A great piece, Joe
        especially because it speaks truth about human reactions during adversity, it is here where fight or flight reveals its truest form. May we be granted resilience...
        Stay well my friend,

        • Joe Dawson

          Thanks Claudelle, I think we'll all find the resilience, it has shown itself to be there so many times in history. Keep out of harms way, stay well always. Joe

        • dusk arising

          Oh omnipotent man made version of god the creator.... I know you have the power save mankind from flood, tempest, earthquake, tsunami and virus.... but you don't. Did we get it wrong somewhere? Or has someone been telling porkies for a few thousand years?

        • Saxon Crow

          Very poignant poem Joe. Faith or fear. Tough call for some

          • Joe Dawson

            I'll say, Religion says that there's a God, science says there isn't, religion says he made the world, science says he didn't. For the truth one must look to the heart I think. Many thanks. Joe

            • Saxon Crow

              Very true my friend. Of course your own truth isn't everyone elses. That's where we go wrong I think

            • FredPeyer

              You are right Joe, what we need now is faith, be it in the Lord, the Good, the Universe, or whatever!
              Well written.

              • Joe Dawson

                Thanks Fred, Yes, you're right, faith can have many shades and many colours. In faith, I'm sure we'll all get through this terrible time. Thanks again. Joe

              • The Uneducated O.A.P

                Well put together Joe, not my favourite subject and my views on religion are known by one or two people on here, I and my family close and distant go nowhere near a church, several round here have been converted to houses, one is being used for selling tyres and another is a drug den, the reasons probably are manyfold, I respect every persons choice in whatever they want to believe in and I read quite a few religious poems on here, but what I can't stand is the ram it down the throat brigade who think they are on a mission from God,I've met a few over the years, perhaps they see something I can't, if so I don't want to see it, keep writing, I shall keep reading, have a fun eve, Bill

                • Joe Dawson

                  Cheers, You too Bill. Joe

                • Amon

                  I wish I get such stuff every morning and evening, perhaps my faith can be lifted up high. What an inspirational write Joe!

                  • Joe Dawson

                    Thank you,, A glimmer of hope is a treasure at times like these I think. I am most grateful to you. Joe

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