Friday May 5th 2017

I hung my head out of my window on that solitary Friday night

the fresh

brisk air spread the memories

of teenage-hood before me

in the shape of leaves on the huge tree in my backyard.


Some more bright than others

more favorably colored

some take to the wind

some cling on for dear life

some hit the ground with unfathomable strength or disappear completely. 


Nostalgia filled my nostrils and

overtook my brain and I felt a 

melancholy sadness for the future 

momentary ponders of the past I once called now.



  • FredPeyer

    Elsie, you came back with a bang! Very nicely written! You may ponder the past, I ponder your poem.

  • dusk arising

    Nice one! But lets see what life has done for your expression in the intervening years. Life and loves are such great teachers for the poetic mind.
    Look forward to more of yours on mps.

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