Castles in the Sand

Sometimes It’s hard to face the facts

Yet it’s the story known to man

Hardships are a way of life

Hope fading like castles in the sand 


Forever dreams seem to be made for a few

Forever Love doesn’t always hold your hand

Sometimes you wake up realizing

Love washed away like castles in the sand 



  • dusk arising

    When confronted with that glass half empty i reflect upon how good the glass will look when it is refilled with positivity.....
    I would imagine its difficult to feel happiness with a glass half empty outlook. I count myself lucky.

    • Dove

      Thanks DA, yes it’s not always easy
      and I am glad you’re lucky! I try to
      Keep my head above the sand too!

      Thanks for stopping by

    • FredPeyer

      Such beautiful writing, Dove. You are right, life is not easy, and 'forever' is a long, long time. When that castle in the sand washes away, it is time to build another castle!

      • Dove

        Thank you Fred, yes forever is a long time. Yes’ building another castle is something we all can do !

      • Saxon Crow

        I love this one Dove. Totally faved

        • Dove

          Smiles, thank you kindly Saxon Crow,

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Nice words dove, sadly some castles are not just washed away, they are deliberately knocked down, have fun in the sun in the garden, Bill

          • Dove

            Most definitely, life isn’t always a bed of roses, Thanks for stopping by Bill

          • Immortal101

            As long as eyes are on the horizon,
            The castles keep getting washed away.

            • Dove

              Thanks immortal! some People do have their eyes on greener pastures

            • orchidee

              Good write Dove.

              • Dove

                Thank you Orchidee, Smilez,

              • Claudelle DeLuna

                Beautifully penned, Dove
                for life is not always fair and square...
                Take care my friend,

                • Dove

                  Thank you Claudelle! Hope you’re having a great weekend

                • Goldfinch60

                  That hope may fade but it will always arise and those castles will be rebuilt.
                  Life's journey is so good, I know I have lived a long life.


                  • Dove

                    Awe Andy, looks like life has treated you well, Yes, there is always Hope,

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