I was Standing there my world just passing by

Until I looked up and into her eyes

And I just thought was she standing there the whole time?

Because I have never seen a girl so fucking fine.


Just a look in you’re eyes and I felt this lil vibe

It’s a feeling like no other and one I cant describe

Even when you called me a fuck girl and I just thought ‘ew no’.

Yet When you told me you were vegan I still thought fucking wow.


I liked you in one way but then came another

And then they all came just one after the other

I like to annoy you because we mess around

Walking and play fighting all over the town


I want to show you that everything’s going to be okay

Because I’m right here, I’m sorry I just don’t know what to say

Because your sad eyes well they make my insides die

I just want to hold you and say hush please don’t cry


I feel like I need to get up and run

Jump in front and save you, fuck I don’t even know what from

So If I lay there tonight would you let me hold your hand?

Would you let me trace my fingers through the lines of your palm


I’m writing this and its shit because I cant focus

Its meant to be for the most amazing girl how on earth so how could I post this.

I’m going to save you I promise I just don’t know how

Can you give me some time? Are you even still there now?


You know you lie to yourself every day

You call yourself trash in the same old way

And you leave me speechless more than you know

I just smile and think fuck don’t let it show


You know you really are absolutely perfect

Out of everyone and anyone your the only girl who’s worth it

And I never thought id meet someone like you

Your too amazing ill not lie it leaves me so confused


Ha-ha and Your kiss is infectious ;)

But To me you really are just so fucking precious

I will always regret not kissing you just one more last time

Because it feels like a forever ago and I’m loosing my daymn mind


I know this poem doesn’t fit with the blog so some may call it a disgrace

But Its one I just cant erase

because I was just trying to put a smile upon your beautiful face. 



  • Author: M.M (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 25th, 2020 19:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: for my lil ratatat. this isn\\\'t a proper poem, ill write you a better one i promise, I\\\'m so sorry this ones late and shit, but everything i said in it was honest xo
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