It Still Feels Different, but I Wouldn’t Call it Love

Each of your sentences are like a 1000 piece puzzle

So I sit on my cabin floor in the rain trying to put you in your place but

Every time I turn my back, something has been rearranged

Your frosty blue eyes look a little more frightening this time

And last time I checked, that’s not your smile


Do you still love me?

The right type of love

The way it was supposed to be?

I can’t find comfort in your arms anymore

And now when I try to reach your shoulders, I find I’m too short

See, you tried to find the label that we promised we’d both lose

Since when did we start keeping score?

Is it my fault? What did I do?


It feels like something is tearing us apart

I want to let go but I can’t

You sewed these damn strings into my heart

This isn’t what we planned

When I climbed into your beat up car

There were no stars

Just an aching in my chest

Tears streamed down my face

Everything is gone

There’s nothing left


No more pinky promises

You burned our list

Stop fending for my kisses

And if we stay up, it’s only because we’re talking shit

I guess it’s safe to say that I outgrew my cape

My bracelet fell apart so I threw it away

I hate to say it, but sometimes bonds break


I stopped yearning because I learned it isn’t worth it

This wasn’t super deep

Although I didn’t see that twist

Your key doesn’t fit in my lock anymore,


I replaced it altogether

People drift apart

Sometimes for worse

But this time, it’s for the better





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