Love and Light


Notice of absence from LIGHT WARRIOR
I am currently working on more light hearted work after a wonderful year of change . God bless you all..

It is time for us all to raise the vibration

To come together as a nation...

There is no time for hatred or negativity

Love and Light will set us free

The Earth just needs this break from our greed

We are forced to live without things we have all falsely learned to need

People are all going through worries and woes

When we get caught up in ourselves..that is the way that it goes..

I look back on all the things that have come and gone and it gives me even more reason to pull my head out of my rectum and focus on healing ...

To forgive and forget the pain I have suffered stop allowing in all of the nonsense that has been stealing my vitality away for too long..

None of that matters anymore..

We cannot ignore the fact that it is time to learn to love ourselves again..

A time of reflection has settled down upon our hearts..and we must not give up nor pretend that there is no reason to care..

We must come together in Love and Light and share with each other our blessings...

This is not the time for pressing our issues into the ground..

Within Love and Light, we will have found the cure..

Pure thoughts..good intentions..let us join hands and ease this tention that has spread too widely across the land...

There is no ryhme or reason to be tooting your own horns...its time to make beautiful music as one unified band..



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  • Laura🌻


    This is the most beautiful, loving, sensitive and caring piece of writing I’ve seen/read today or any other day from you! You are a very special human being!
    I wish you all the best from this day forward! You are a rare jewel!

    Stay well & be safe!



      Thank you very much..its just true...a lot of my other petty dealt with my painful situations in life etc that everyone can relate too etc...I just wanted to write something positi ve and real...I appreciate your stay well too .

    • Gino

      Awesome Jason, just the message we need in today's world, ....

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