Holy Sonnet Of The Two Destinies

Richard Paulson


There's an infinite difference between those

That are good and bad; for eternity

Separates them both, and endlessly shows

Some burning with shame, and some with glory.

Think of the eyes that with God's brilliance glows

In heaven, and those forever empty

In hell, from where no light and no life flows.

For some have the 'right' to eat of the tree

Of life, beside the river where it grows

The fruit, to sustain them eternally.

Others, being denied it, have their woes;

For by evil works they are unworthy.

    But they who have the 'right' deserve to live,

    And God must, in justice, life's rivers give.


  • Author: Richard Paulson (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 30th, 2020 23:27
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • dusk arising

    He he he so you've seen what eyes look like in heaven and in hell have you? Or has someone put an image in your mind? Funny how religious types use fearful images to frighten children isn't it. But their awful practices work don't they and that fear gets deep bedded and lasts into adulthood just your poem demonstrates it has for you.
    Fortunately not all believers remain so gullible.

    • Richard Paulson

      I don't have to see what eyes look like in heaven and hell to know the truth about it. I have the Bible to tell me the truth. God also reveals himself to those who seek him, and shows them the truth. Everything I wrote is the truth of the Authorized King James Bible. This is the perfect record of truth from God. Also I am not a "religious type". You are writing foolishly because if you have something to say against what I have written, then you should provide proof that what I have written is not the truth. But that cannot be done because I know that all that I have written here is the truth. Moreover, there's nothing that I have written here which is frightening to children. It is only frightening, and should be frightening, to those that practice evil. So why are you falsely accusing me and others who speak of the reality of hell? To speak of hell's reality is not an awful practice. Also you are falsely assuming that I was taught about hell when I was a child. I was not brought up religiously and no one made me afraid of hell in childhood. I am not gullible for believing in the Bible. A real believer in the Bible believes in hell. Your comment is evil and prideful and falsely accusing. You are judging me falsely as if you know me, and you are judged by your own words. And your words are hypocritical because you are not a true believer.

      • Richard Paulson

        Everything I have written here is the truth. You are just spouting off your own erroneous beliefs in an attitude of evil pride, and none of your beliefs can be proved at all to have any truth in them against the Bible. You are full of lies and are writing lies. I don't need to get any facts, because I have the facts. And I don't need to ask a so-called "theologian," because I ask God who knows everything. I get my understanding from God. There are no lies in the Bible.

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      • orchidee

        A milder comment from me maybe - I see it as a true write. There is hell too, I believe, whether a fiery place, or meaning a place of separation from God. I heard the latter recently in an online sermon.

        • Richard Paulson

          Thanks for the comment orchidee. I just believe what the Bible says about eternal punishment. Jesus used the word "fire" to describe hell; and then there are also the words, "lake of fire" in the Bible. And of course, eternal punishment also means eternal separation from God.

          • orchidee

            This is so, Richard. There are parables, etc, and we know we can't 'spiritualise' it away by saying it's just a story. I know we may not think on that aspect much these days.

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