I see beauty even in darkness

I feel warmth even in coldness

I sense hope even in bleakness

No longer is my world full of sadness

Now I’ve found you


Every glance; each breath

Each moment; every day

I tremble with excitement

As you hold me & say…


…our love is forever bound

A true connection we have found

We are each other’s universe

Together we are tightly wound


I see purity even in harshness

I feel strength even in weakness

I sense hope even in bleakness

Now my world is full of happiness

Now I’ve found you


Every thought, each vision

Each second; every hour

I shiver with excitement

As you touch me & whisper…


…our love is forever bound

A perfect connection we’ve found

We are one; in the skies above

Together we are light & sound


© 2020 Unsub


  • The Uneducated O.A.P

    Together we are Light and sound, are you now known as the disco duo? Great words Unsub, like this, stay safe, Bill, ref your heading in red you forgot to end it with AMEN, OK.

    • Unsub


      Appreciate you taking time out to read & comment my friend.

      Apologies for forgetting the Amen, OK!

      I was going to reply as a comment rather than as a reply to keep my comment numbers high! 🤣🤣



      Excellent love poem! Too bad you have that picture of someone else with your lady. I don’t blame her, you’re one ugly dude!

      Stay safe, I don’t have the money to go to your funeral just yet.

      • Unsub


        This maybe the first & last time you comment on my work using the word ‘excellent’ or did you misspell excrement?

        You’re not invited to my funeral anyway so piss off!


        • LAWLESS

          I did mean ‘Excellent’. I showed your poem to my wife and it got me laid (for the first time in six months).

          You’re invited to my funeral, soon to be happening since I’m on the front line of this shit at Wally World. Bring some of that ‘excrement’ mentioned, it’ll give you great joy to toss it on my grave!

        • Laura


          This is truly to my liking. The only request I have is that the next time you use one of my photos, please ask me if it’s ok. I’ll let it go this time because it does complement your lyrics exquisitely!
          Now I have a second request. Please record the lyrics and send me a copy of it.

          Stay safe & be well.

          As always...


          • Unsub


            I apologise I used one of our romantic photos without your permission!

            Not sure I’m going to record any romantic love songs. They don’t go well with the dark electro bass line we use with our tracks!



            • Laura

              Apology accepted!😉

              Too bad about not recording it!🤷🏻‍♀️
              These lyrics deserve a voice—your voice!

            • Dove

              These are the type of poems I love! Excellent work! It’s nice to see the tender
              Side of you flow! Definitely my favorite poem on here so far!

              Thanks for sharing

              • Unsub


                I have many sides but don’t often show my romantic side as I don’t enjoy writing this theme as much as my usual rubbish. I’m good at usual rubbish!

                Your favourite? Wow! Thank you!


              • orchidee

                A fine write Unsub.
                Aww, why you not want to know when the cat's moving in?! It's got it's bags packed ready to move in. heehee.

                • Unsub


                  I’m not here for peoples blog postings but quality poetry to read. The cats moving in date is not on my priority list!


                  • orchidee

                    I see, Unsub. But it may be a very important cat, a valuable one. lol.

                  • 2 more comments

                  • Alan .S. Jeeves

                    An okay poem Dan. Good to see you writing like this. Well done.

                    Ex animo, Alan

                    • Unsub


                      Only okay? Wow that’s a kick in the bollocks!

                      Thanks for dropping in my friend. Kick in the bollocks firmly felt!


                    • ANGELA & BRIAN

                      ANGELA HERE - Thanks UNSUB - For a very Romantic Poem with an elegant rhythm ! Lovely to recite - one of the hallmarks of an excellent Poem ! Love the photo - good complement.

                      Love - Joy & Peace
                      Angela & Brian 🧡🤍💙

                      • Unsub


                      • Goldfinch60

                        Wow Unsub, what a brilliant poem full of light and love.

                        I cannot find a dark thought in it so even I cannot bring more light to it.

                        Keep Well


                        • Unsub


                          My only goal when posting this was to ensure you couldn’t find any darkness!

                          Job done!


                          • Goldfinch60

                            Well you succeeded.

                            Seriously though it is a great poem.


                          • myself and me

                            Holly molly. Did you fall off your bed or reborn? I was shocked by your excitement. A surprising read.

                            • Unsub


                              It surprised me when I saw this posting & saw who the author was. He must be very ill at the moment but I’m sure he will pull through & be back to writing his usual nonsense soon.


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