Samreen Chowdhury

Coved-19 (Corona Virus)

A whole long month of March in this sad plight made their cheeks grow paler by the break of July. 


Lockdown from the east to the west and all in between. Freedom was certain only in dreams. -Ah! A global pandemic.


Shut your doors, and be close to family and friends near by but no social contact is permissible when you are out weather it’s wet or dry. 


Mild symptoms? A cough, a sneeze, and there would be a fearful fright. No one is recognised due to the Corona built masks. 


No pubs, no restaurants, no jobs, a breakdown in economy. A breakdown in relationships, 


The elderly go empty handed home as the shelves in supermarkets lay silent and empty. And they are not excused a reason but to just keep going, a bit like the American Depression, but bigger and bigger throughout the entire nation, and all kingdoms, 


Sickening as these are at more risk, “weak immune systems” to self isolate was demanded. 


Though every young body was heartless and did not think of their perception. 


This is the corona virus. 


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