Gary Edward Geraci

His Kind of Repentance


I’d do good to ask myself, right about

now, what it meant when the Baptist cried out

“Repent!” Shouldn’t a believer today

believe His Old Testament wrath; God


reigning down upon His people; until

prideful man finally repented? Pent-up

anger, skies rent, up and down, plagues spent,

war, fury and death. I can’t now know for


certain if, this day, we are being judged,

this way, by the very same God, whose arm

hasn’t shortened. Lord knows the world has gone

to hell as of late. I can indeed know,


certainly, that I can and should, with profit,

contend to repent. Always. And so

“yes,” my conscience answers, “yes indeed, in

the spirit of John,” I’d drop knees and repent.


Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    Yes, a fair write Gary, without being 'hell-fire and brimstone'. (What is brimstone? oops!).
    Certainly aspects, areas of our lives where repentance may be needed, at this crisis season, and any season.
    I read a book by Metropolitan Anthony Booth - bit deep! (Your double?!). But he brings out that prayer of requesting mercy. The blind man did not pray 'Heal me', though he sought that too.

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      Thank you Orchidee. Fortunately, it's not you and I that need be so demanding. We only try to remind others of what Christ taught us in the Gospels - we care for the salvation of others - that's what drives us to be fishers of men. A "catch and release" brand of fisherman - releasing men into the loving arms of their Savior.

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