5 am

I hear the clock ringing
my soul burning and my heart racing

every passing time is another distance of my inner thought

every passing soul is another story untold

inside a wreck

but outside a illusion

I can't tell which is the worse seeing the same four walls

or not being able to see my loved ones at all

I see upon myself that I don't rot

but looking through the glass I feel like the rot

in a hazmat they go

and in a hazmat they'll stay

guns and words

because that is the word bearer

knocking on my door with a five step knock

better answer fast or I'll be crossed

fast I'll go to the door and answer with knocks

rather not be crossed like the neighbour across

In a cycle I'll stay

and in a cycle I'll go

until I can't answer no more

they'll see me

I'll stay alive through every minute

but I'll be sick every hour

One by one there is less to do

saves me an hour or a second or two

the hours they pass and the hours I wonder

was it worth it to all to wonder

nothing has changed

and nothing won't change

but I really miss them all

not just one but all of them

So when I look at my window once again
I'll see the blooming flowers on the other side burning

because what else do we got to do

to keep ourselves in check

so burn my flower but also the flowers

but don't kill my friend and all of the people

Because while I am defenseless in this time and age

I wouldn't hesitate to run out in haste

I am ready to die for one and all

so when you call my name

I'll save them all









So please be safe and stay all clear

don't let the sunlight deceive and appear

because outside is the spores

and inside is the snores

before one stumble and fall on the chores


so forgive me in time

and speak out in lines

because the next time I'll loop

it will end my cycle or yours.

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