Black and Brown

Together we must fight.

Stand together and unite.

We are not the enemy.

We are not here to serve the color white.

How many more people of color have to die.

To understand history repeats.

History doesn't lie.

No matter what they say.

How much they disguise.

Remain wise.

We can no longer divide.

Because it will lead to the person of colors demise.


  • dusk arising

    If this is about coronavirus you should be mindful that it is no respecter of race, creed or wealth.
    It needs carriers to infect. If people take advice and stay away from other people, it will not kill them.

    • dusk arising

      I can't comment on USA society then. Why do you always open another comments box rather than use the reply facility as intended?

    • Hoopie

      Its actually the united states vs the minority

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Nicely penned, Nr
      yes as a minority majority, I can still see how we can get affected here in
      the US, I am inclined to believe nothing ever dies as far as social cultural problems are concerned,
      they just remain appeased, but also it is not applicable to one race,
      cause even the mixed races confront such problem, too many factors to consider, thanks for sharing...*C✌

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