The Whispers of the Sea Shells

There once lived maiden down by the sea
Who lived to love, and loved to live did she
This maiden was no ordinary lady you see
She whispered into sea shells so happily
Each little message was heart-felt and true
Words like” sweet kisses, and baby, I love you”
Then she would cast them back to the sea,
and whomever found one was blessed by she
One day she met a sailor cute as can be
They had a fling, but he was called back to sea. 

She hoped and prayed he would come again         

each passing day she missed her new friend

One day that sailor found a pretty shell
Placed it in his ear and echoes from it swelled

“Baby, I love you” the words echoed in his ear
Was it the voice of his Angel, whispering so dear? 
He picked up another shell and it whispered her name

“Rose Marie ” could it be her voice, or was he insane?
Was it really Rose Marie the lady by the sea?
The fair maiden he had a fling with, could it be she?

So he made his way back to the fair maiden by the sea
Rose Marie was waiting there happily as can be

Casting word filled sea shells into the cascading tides
When he saw her, he knew he had to make her his bride


  • Joe Dawson

    Hi Dove, Imaginative in the extreme, whilst at the same being something all young men in search of love would hope to find, a seashell in which the most beautiful creature in the world utters 'Sweet kisses and baby, I love you'. Enough to make any sailor swoon. Beautiful. Joe

    • Dove

      Thank you Joe! Thanks again for the inspiration to post this one! Written 7 years ago!

      All smiles!

    • dusk arising

      Ooh you romantic story teller of a poet. Who can resist picking up a beautiful sea shell..... who would not be smitten by the voice of a lover coming forth from the shell..... this is the stuff of dreams you weave today. A delight to read.

      • Dove

        Thank you Dusk, yes a dreamer weaver am I! Always loved listening to sea shells, hearing the echoes within, dreaming of love!

      • Jane Frye

        Now I will always be tempted to listen when I see a sea shell. I'm sure that I will not forget this story poem. Thank you for the read.

        • Dove

          Thanks Jane! It’s never boring listening to sea shells, and Always a pleasure to fantasize! Thanks for stopping by!

        • orchidee

          A fine write Dove.
          I didn't quite get the hang of picking up a sea shell. At the beach I thought I felt the actual water of the sea, when I listened to a shell. But someone chucked a bucket of water over me. Doh!

          • Dove

            Awe! Sometimes finding seashells aren’t easy ! Hope you didn’t get too wet!


          • ron parrish aka wordman

            and they lived happily ever after
            impressive write

          • Claudelle DeLuna

            Beautiful piece, Dove
            & lovely context....
            Stay well 💖

            • Dove

              Stay Well too! Take Care and thanks for stopping by!

            • Fay Slimm

              A impressive write Dove this tale of true love appearing via sea-shells - well written and holds the intention all the way through

              • Dove

                Nice of you to say Fay! I’ll take True Love any way I hear it! Thanks for the lovely comment!

              • Goldfinch60

                Wonderful lovelorn write Dove, I shall always listen to those seashells.


              • Dove

                Thanks Andy!!! May the next sea shell echo sweet nothings! Or is that True Love!


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