Joker Green

Living Side - Poet’s Fantasy 4

I fantasize
of being connected with many people
out of positive intention
out of wanting to Give Love and Laughter
as well as to Make Everything Better.
For others...I Could Bless and Pray
but what can I say?
I would rather have it be real as well
like these online postings
Actions In Person
Writing With A Positive Intention
With Love and Laughter as My Motivation
although at times it might look like things are down,
oh well...I’d say that that is ‘Joker Town’,
Something I see as a place that is bright and colourful
and little negativity or big...will always become wonderful;
or else, it would not be ‘Joker Town’.
They are like Believers;
They Follow someone because they believe in that person;
They do not need any other reason;
I would rather have people believe in me as Joker
because there is a deep meaning to all of this
and commitment, devotion, motivation, and above all...inspiration;
Whatever it is...this writing is of Pure Intention.


Bright Blessings and Love and Light,
Joker Green


  • Dove

    Awesome! Wherever you are in life
    I hope you attain followers
    Not because of your name
    But because of the love within you

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