Pandemic Parasites

With the backdrop of an evolving situation

Of a Pandemic or so which is promoted as,

A section of the world prowls & waits,

Impatiently, to prey on the public


The predator/parasite watches & grins derisively

At the people’s conformity with the version

Given to them as the global crisis,

And their Unquestioning & unsuspecting

Compliance with the presented reality.

And pulls off it’s agendas, profitable.


Introducing new “products”

Into the medical and vaccine catalog,

expanding their market by mandating them

by way of the iron fist of Law

And blaming the illusion of pandemic

For it’s promotion and sales.


The dumbed down & pathetic public

Devastated with the trauma and economic loss

Seek to bring their lives back to financial normal

And that’s THE lucrative deal for the Parasites/Predators.




  • dusk arising

    A sickening message of capitalism at its worst or a missed opportunity to rejoice in the fact that such industry exists and is able to produce life saving product?
    If you really want to slag off money making capitalists... take a look at the wealthiest organisation on the planet and how it makes its money. It is the Roman Catholic church (google it for verification).

    • Immortal101

      It's the sick that find the Truth sickening. However, I agree with your statement about religion too.

    • jakesevern

      it's a crazy world!

      • Immortal101

        It is indeed. The sane however, survive!

        • Immortal101

          Thank you for your read!

        • 1 more comment

        • LAWLESS

          Very familiar 101.

        • FineB

          Hi Immortal101,

          Thanks for this good write and interesting perspective on this Covid 19 pandemic.

          Keep healthy and writing FineB

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