The Brothers Ruin


 My name is Corey ruin but names aren't important at least they weren't when I was alive. My brother and sister and I lived in a little dirt town down in Missouri. For a little while after the Civil War we were one of the meanest little gangs to run the South course nobody ever knew that we were cuz we rarely left anyone alive.

Ma and Pa were killed just after the war was over not over who was right the North or the South. Not over whether slavery was right or wrong no nothing as profound as all that my mom and pop was killed over a 50 Cent chicken. Our neighbor cleetus had got a chicken and traded us two pails of milk and a pound of butter but there was a small matter a $0.50 that was never settled.

When he Cletus came in search of his bucket to fill it once again with milk from his cows pop confronted him and though  the bucket wasn't worth $0.50 but he wouldn't get it until my father received his $0.50. Cletus intern was quite offended by the implication that after all these years a friendly neighbor ship his honor was called into question over a mere $0.50. Having being the next morning after a hard night of drinking clear this is mine was not quite clear so he pulled out his fancy Riverboat Derringer and shot my father right between the eyes my mother not so much distressed as thrown into a rage grabbed a knife and tried to stab Cletus just missing his jugular and catching and blades in his shoulder blade word became profoundly stuck.

Cletus flailing and pain trying to keep the knife from my mother's reach less she pull it loose and try to make her Mark again grabbed my mother pulling her clothes as if in a bear hug to call her unfortunately the blade sticking from his shoulder caught her in the juggler and she bled out quite quickly.

After a few moments he realized she was not moving and let go as she crumpled to the floor screamed out. In a labored voice Hannah you Jezebel who're. Pretending you cared when we were children only to leave me behind for this no-account Chester ruin damn you he screamed out in pain as he pulled a knife from his shoulder.

Damn it he explained I think a piece broke off he said as you tried to move his arm you laughed I guess you still got the job done as you through the bloody knife to the floor he raised up walking towards the door looking to me he just stood there in horror and said boy I'm your daddy now just then the eggs hit the porch as Sarah walked out of the house planning to take eggs to another neighbor. Please just turned and smile the dirty Crooked Smile I had forgot about you Sarah. As he strained turn his still hungover and now bleeding body to walk towards her a strange sound him from between his lips almost a squeak almost to scream but barely more than a whisper.

Our younger brother Rush had picked up the discarded knife and had plunged it deep in the cletus's rectum he looks as if he wanted to run or perhaps even turning fight but the pain and the awkward situation left him Frozen Rush however found this so funny he began to play this is bottom it's very large heavy knife made it deliciously crunchy noise as it's severed cletus's inbred worthless spine.

Rush laughed hysterically for what seemed to be hours yet we're only a few more minutes Cletus showing Shock by the boys enthusiasm to kill thought rather than to fight him off try to run but yet his legs no longer worked and is he turned to protest to the boys action he loves several fingers in that fruitless endeavor we had to stop Rush as the poor child nearly passed out from exhaustion not from swinging the heavy blade over and over again but from the endless laughing that had not stopped since he pulled the blade from cleetus is rectum instruct that first blow.

It seems the boy had found his inner peace in that moment accepting the death of his father and mother accepting that he was alone in this world except for an older sister and brother who he barely knew since he was only a child himself but he grew up a little that day and found himself in that moment.

We all did a little growing up that week as it took us a little while to bury Mom and Pop as we carved up Cletus some of which we cooked some of which we buried but we decided we had to leave our home where we lived in the mountains was hard and once people found out what had happened here they would have taken her sister as some old man's bride and my brother and I would have been nothing better if slaves forced to work for someone until they broke us killers only Finally Found the courage to run away.

So listen well as this is the beginning of the story of the brothers ruin how they took their sister he was their only form of barter and headed to a wild place cold Kansas City

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  • Published: April 8th, 2020 21:46
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