Silver Linings




Baby, let's drift..........

into Ra's symphony           

sprinkled like jager dust~        


as we exhale stars

that bloom

a perennial hum              

putting kêres on the run,


erecting liquid pillars 

burning as bubbled élan        

embraced as sole in a cathode thump...    


for we warp the nexus

as the red almirantes of phyxius    

while tangled portals reverberate

incurvated respirations

of our pinpricked carousel;        


where our reveries spin

as ichor dipped simpers             

in holographic beads

on a rosary selah.    



Rummaging through phagocyte stitches   

pocketing pearl roods,


we manumit

dim-mak osculations

incinerating the seven celestials....        


gauging the continuum

as fussy ultraviolet         

wreathed clepsydras~      


injecting kaleidoscopic hydra's 

into a sith’s strangled morse code     

screeching mors tyrannis  

jolting the abiogenesis whimper         

as harbingers playing myocardial bongo,  


respiring out blanco bees

as bleeding steel    

cauterizes lacerations

within tantric lotuses-        


in the stairway cyclone

of a pockmarked sob   

we stand bilaterally broad shouldered

on the borderline teetering betwixt

the scars of anon...        


crowning bingo concussions

in last night's skin olympics   

as this macrocosm melts

into the firmaments afterglow,        


tossing a crochet giggle

into morrows requiem           

tripping up narcotic hiccups

cloaked as a clogged crag

in a frag bombardment    











like eleemosynary alvas                 

inside the sun of a blown kiss  

slipped from in perpetuums        

velvet cathedral lips.        



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  • Author: Whisperingquill (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 12th, 2020 18:33
  • Category: Reflection
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