Over 10,000

Last night I couldn’t sleep

Over 10,000 - sleep is eternal!

Today I awoke - another day to keep

Over 10,000 -day forever nocturnal

Today I can breathe spring air

Over 10,000 have drawn their last

Today I can stay home in my chair

Over 10,000 - their life is past

Today I am alive

Over 10,000 have died

Today I’m staying home to survive

Over 10,000 lost their lives

Today I stood and sighed

Over 10,000 lives to mourn

Today I sat and cried

Over 10,000 won’t see a new dawn

What has this virus done?

Over 10,000 families left raw

When will this virus be gone?

Over 10,000 life’s are no more!


  • orchidee

    It's terrible - the virus, not the poem (oops!).

  • sue.evans

    It is 😒

  • Fay Slimm.

    A very clear poetic way of seeing this number and reminding ourselves of lives lose and lives left behind to mourn - a moving write Sue.

  • sue.evans


  • dusk arising

    The worldwide figures are of course higher and affect all in just the same way. After all, foreigners ARE human too.
    But what, if anything, will we learn from this? What, if anything, will you learn from this?

  • sue.evans

    I take in board what you say about the world wide figures and for which ever country I mourn the losses. Let’s hope many lessons have been learned🀞🏻


    ANGELA HERE - Good Evening Sue. Thank you for your very elegant Poem - but with a tragic content. Repetition is very important in Classical Poetry ! The tenfold repetition of *OVER 10,000* sure emphasises your message. Flu is a CARONA VIRUS and COVID 19 is a very virulant mutant for which as yet there is no VACCINE (were working on it !) or CURE it just has to run its course - which (mainly with the 70+) can result in DEATH ! It is much more virulant than flu (1 in 1000 die) with CORVID 19 it is 1 in less than 100 ! I am an PHYSIO so I am aware of the Trauma inside the NHS which is at Beaking Point - 88,621 confirmed cases 11,324 deceased. The tragedy is that in the UK 19 NHS workers have paid the ultimate price - some of them who have come out of retirement to assist in BATTLE. It is estimated the final UK Death Toll could be much higher. This is why the end of lockdown is not in sight in the UK.

    Thanks for caring and sharing
    Yours ANGELA πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  • sue.evans

    Hi Angela
    Yes I am aware of all you say. Thanks for commenting. Stay safe. X

  • jenny.g

    A powerful and touching write. Thank you for sharing.

    • sue.evans

      Thank you x

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