Thomas J. Dooley


What is normal?

A state of being comfortable.

I never consistently felt comfortable

Not here not anywhere


What is normal?

A standard of being consistent with what is trendy

The mom who wares yoga-pants to the mall pushing an empty stroller

No one even stairs


What is normal?

A state of being free from a physical or mental disorder

Who collects the rent for this cerebral room I am in

No longer the owner of my own thoughts


What is normal?

A state of being on a surface that measures to the degree of the one after it

The complicated structure just to control the atmosphere 

This place, this room, this chair who is really sitting hear


What is normal?

A state of being close to you when I am only six feet away

Something wrong with you and me that we can't see

The new normal is all that anyone can say


©Copyright Thomas Dooley 2020







  • jenny.g

    Love this!

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