The Things I Do

The Things I Do

The things I do, to you, that constantly hurts,

Your feelings, I feel, are loving, but worse,

When I dis-obey, I don't mean to offend,
So weak, and frail, I feel when I sin,

Up, and down, I spin, as I try to get through it,
A feast full of scriptures, and a thirst full of music,

And sounds of peace, when it's all about you,
The words from your mouth, are not false, or untrue,

I try to make due, with the many of blessings,
When it's all said, and done, you make life seems so treacherous,

Ignored, and I've hurt you, if only I knew,
To not make a wish when the candles are blew,

To leave you, no way could I ever be through,
A second chance to live, on a earth brand new,

My father, my God, we owe it all to you,
Unselfish, steady watching, the things I do to you...

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