From a million miles away

I hear you call my name

'Return, my child, come back home

'Come rest from the tiresome horrors of the world'

It's all joy coming back home

Joy? yet more fearful

No rest will my soul find, never

Not after leaving my little kids vulnerable

It's all dark here

Too dark they can't be on their own

Wandering helplessly on this careless world

How can they afford another breathe by themselves?

Who will dry tears from those smooth toddler cheeks?

Or there's going to be permanent cheek marks

of sympathetic salty paths

An aftermath of pain-discharged twin little streams

I fore-hear their cries all day for a moment in the sky

Pitiful agonised prayers and calls for my resurrection

That I can live again to touch and befriend them once more

To sit a circle with them always

Never to leave them anew

But that won't happen

Not when the river of death has already swept me away

Never caring they need my push out of such devil of a time

I will be gone, until hell freezes

As then, I do hear your calling, very lifelike

Too, I'm no antagonistic

But for the sake of these little children, withal

From your spring of tender love and grace,

God, Father

Just, by courtesy

"A little more time", I'll treasure.



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