Healing Charlotte


My father always said,

"Let the whole world hear you!

Give all you have and the rest will surely come."


And somewhere I think I read,

"Be the sun for all to see you.

The sun has before all to be the sun."


So shake your tambourine

And let the water roll.

Life falls like the rain we trace in the cold.


You think there's no healing

With your hands in your chest,

But I won't let you go into that quietness.


I see a shining light

In even the smallest of stars.

I think it's time we all embrace who we are.


It's a long and winding road,

And sometimes feels too far,

But could we ever grow without all of our scars?


You think there's no healing

With those hands inside your chest.

Still I can't let you go into that quietness.


Nobody's got it easy,

Not even Father Time.

You've got your heartache and I've got mine.


I'm calling out to you

To take a helping hand.

Maybe that's where we fit in somebody's bigger plan.



  • Evergreen

    Glad to have you back : )

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