Where our memories are stored


Memories are a funny thing

It holds our lives In moments from the past

Who we are

Where we've been

What we do and what we like

Pretty important if you ask me

So I'm writing this

To know where these things are stored

In our brain 

Let's start briefly with the Neocortex

The states and song lyrics

All general knowledge is here



Now let's move on to the next

The prefrontal cortex Is where memories come and go

A brief passing of what somebody said

No need to stay forever in our head


Now the Amydala

This is a heavy one

Ofcoarse not literally We may become unbalanced but

More on the feelings aspect

These are the emotional ones

That make it hard to forget

And on to the Basal ganglia

This is our unconscious

You know how you can move You eyes from left to right

Or the way we learn


We're almost to the end

We're at the Hippocampus

Where our events and facts Stay

You know like your graduation party

Or where you were born


We have arrived to the last On the list


This is our motor control

How we button up our shirt Or use our phone

This was it

And remember Dont damage your brain

Or you won't be the same

  • Author: MMadrid (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 23rd, 2020 22:50
  • Comment from author about the poem: I was looking into what memories are stored in what part of our brain and decided to do this poem to make it easier to remember. :) it's kinda a joke but also helps us learn. Hope yall like it.
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  • jarcher54

    Your insightful poem has bounced around my amygdala and I'm pretty sure my hippocampus is now preparing to turn it into a pleasant memory.

    • MMadrid

      Your comment made my night! Haha thank you.

    • orchidee

      I never knew there was so much goes on! Well, I did, sort of. Today's biology/psychology lesson! heehee.


      ANGEA HERE - Hi MMADRID - Welcome to MPS it is a proactive SITE and opperstes by reading & commenting on each others POETRY. Memories are NOT seletive and enable us to remember *The Good - Bad & UGly things the have happened to us ! People - Places - Pandemonium ! Brian (My Husband) & I are in our thirties so we have lots of Stired Memories. Unfortunately Our Wedding (six weeks ago) had to be scaled down from 150 guests to just our Parents & the Pastor. We weill renew our vows in April 2021 ! I am a Physio and we have to deal with Brain injuries as well as orthopedic ! Are you a MEDIC ? You gave us a Grand Tour Round the Human Brain ! Thanks for sharing - more please !

      Blessings & Peace & Joy
      Love Angela & Brian 💛💛

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