Chanel T.



For some time I have been wanting and craving a man that would cherish me, love me, seduce me, carry me...through all the tough times...and stay consistent with me.

I’ve been wanting a man that honors the time we have and share together. I’ve been wanting a man that looks at me like I’m the one he’s been searching for as well. Like I am the most beautiful thing on this earth to him.

I have been wanting a man that makes me nervous to give him my all....heart body and soul. A man that is a mountain and I am the jumper wanting to feel a rush of love submerge me when I jump in head first.

I have been wanting a man that makes me feel so deep that I want to shout it out to him....but I know it’s way to soon. His chocolate skin, his perfect complexion...his White perfect teeth...that smirk he gives me when he knows he’s got me right where he wants everything I have wanted. I feel he’s finally here....and I know I can’t let go. So here I go....holding on for dear life. Love me. As you do. 

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