Light Chocolate


The strength that I seek on a rough day, I look to her.

Her beauty radiates and happiness overwhelms my soul.

I almost lost her, the image of that alone was heart wrenching. She was the center of my universe and then life ceased to exist as it had before.

The strength that I seek on a rough day, I look to him.

He captivates me with his dazzling charm and sweeps me off into a marvelous sunset where we lose ourselves in each other.

I almost lost him, the love of my life vanished, mind, body, and soul, abandoned.

My Light chocolate motivates me to be the best version of myself, I admire her beauty and character.

Her story drew me in like a tidal wave to its next victim. The strength that she has is pure gold.

He was no longer my knight and shining armor, I didn't look to him for comfort nor protection because I had known that I wouldn't find what I was looking for in him so I looked to others.  

I was his Light chocolate, liquefied, and unpleasant to the tongue.

He disregards the love I possess for him, making a hobby out of it.

My heart aches. 

My Light chocolate undermines my emotions towards her. 

She lets people in that a wall should have been up for. Her intentions are pure but what of her counterpart. 

I love her.

I love him.

My strength, my motivation, my Light Chocolate.  

-Sebastian Hernandez & Tyra Williams 

“Feel my pain so that I can heal yours.”

- Tyra Williams 

Inspired by Sebastian Hernandez 



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