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NORMALLY EVEN *MODERN POETRY* HAS WORDS !  So Poets spend their Lives acquiring (and understanding) WORDS in their Mother Tongue ~ and other Languages. Good Scrabble Players ! Here are some less common words (N to Z mainly English) that you might find useful to pen another *ODE TO COVID 19*


NOLI ME TANGERE ~ *Dont touch Me* - Im in lockdown

OCTOGENARIAN ~ A Person between 80 & 89 - High Risk

PANARCHY ~ Universal Rule of LOCKDOWN

QUIXOTIC ~ People like TRUMP who believe you can cure it with BLEACH !

RAMPANT ~ The almost overnight Global spread of COVID 19

SANS SOUCI ~ Those who ignore LOCKDOWN as a means of containing COVID 19

TABOO ~ People who refuse to even discuss COVID 19

UREDO ~ Hot feeling of Skin - a symptom of COVID 19

VACCINE ~ An injection to produce immunity to COVID 19

WELTANSCHAUUNG ~ A World View of the *Purpose of Life*

X-RAY ~ Short Wave Length Radiation - COVID 19 - too small to detect

YERBA (TEA) ~ A cure all - Donald Trump suggests injection !

ZEITGEIST ~ *Spirit of the Age* - Another name for COVID 19


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  • Published: April 25th, 2020 01:33
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  • orchidee

    Why don't we jump in the washing machine then, if bleach can cure it? But then it would only clean us outwardly! Doh!


      ANGELA HERE - Very true UNCLE STEVE *CORVID 19 looks not on the outward appearance it goes sraight for the LUNGS !* Pleased you got the message ! Follow TRUMP and you*ll end up in the CIRCUS with the other CLOWNS !

      Sabbath Blessings to You &
      Your Rabbinical Red Setter !
      Love int* Spirit - Angela & Brian

      • orchidee

        I know - this is 'outward' - but could you trust someone with such a dodgy barnet as Trump?! lol.

      • dusk arising

        And there i was thinking G was for 'gargle with disinfectant' the corvid-19 cure as recently recommended by Dr Trump. (Whilst his accompanying medical experts were seen to squirm).

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          GOOD MORNING DA - Angela here - As a MEDIC I cansider it was FAUX PAX (Trumpism) He tried to joke it off as SATIRE ! Disinfectant does eliminate surace contamination of COVID 19 - but drainking BEACH !!!!! Is a death wish. Its not just Mr T - Many Politicians are out of their depth with VIRUSES and should engage Brain before opening Mouth - or better still leave it to those better qualified. Brian & I try to learn from our mistakes because we know from experience that *A Little knowledge can be a Dangerous thing* Twenty deaths have been reported in Kentucky from drinking BLEACH becaus the Pres told them to ! JOKE ?

          Blessings & Peace & Joy to You & Yours !
          Love ANGELA & BRIAN πŸ§‘πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€πŸ§‘

          • dusk arising

            OMG that's terrible news. That man is a berk and tries to bully his way out of his mistakes. I'm frankly amazed that he has so much support within his party.

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