Memories Hidden in Words


To my friend, 

        Hi. This is a letter written only for you. You are a God-given gift to me. And I accepted the gift with so much gladness and excitement. When I unwrapped it, the gift brought me joy no one in this world could ever explain. Now, I’m swimming in the sea of happiness. The happiness that you had shared with me is a great privilege of my existence. 

        As I have searched for my life’s purpose, you were there with me. Now that I’m fulfilling it, you haven’t left. The “you” who had contributed to my life’s adventures of pain and misery is still the same “you” who had helped me in my adventures of forgiveness, trust and of love. I found in you a heart of a friend who is willing to take risks. I realized it when you helped me the moment you saw me taking the first steps leading to my own destruction. A single moment from those memories will never be forgotten. (You really have no idea about it.) Our memories are hidden in these words. Memories only you and I know. But these words are not even enough to fully convey to the vast universe how important those memories are to me and how I value you, the special person I spent those memories with. You have no ideas how important you are in my life. Truly, you are a part of me. You are not just my dearest thoughtful friend. YOU ARE MY FAMILY.

       You are truly unique. You are quaint. A breath of fresh air. Your palpable personality and all the things that make you different are what make you who are, interesting. As your friend, I’m proud to say that your life has brought a positive effect in my life. I believe you have caused a great change in me. I’m personally blessed with your life. You are a great proof of how powerful GOD is. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life’s experiences and testimonies. I do believe that as you share your life to others and as you open up your heart to them, surely, they will be blessed.

      Now, as your brother, I am accountable for your life too, just as you are to me. I do care for you. And I will seriously take all the risks just to keep you on track. Let’s help each other together. Let us walk together in an atmosphere of openness and love. 

      While you still haven’t faded from my view and while we have this thing called “today”, I just want you to know that the joy of the memories we had and the moments of these last days we have are my life’s most beautiful and meaningful. 


Yours truly,



– Memories Hidden in Words, 2019

  • Author: Quaint (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 28th, 2020 00:56
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this to my friend way back my college years.
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