Believe in Me

I did what was right. I made it clear I wasnt holding back. If I failed you than please take that. This burden of your approval. This curse of your support. I'm really tired of this work. I'm ready to retort.
Now I said I was leaving. I'm sure I'm never coming back. Held up by approval. It's just a slack. This wasnt harsh. I'm sorry again. You'll probably find me writing. Hiding in the marsh.
So please, I know. This too is selfish. I didnt even share. Yet you do the same? The holdup uncare?
Having the push was all I wanted. Having the slide to dance. I made up my mind and didn't hint a chance. If I failed you, I'm sorry once more. I'll say it last time as I go through the door.
Please pray for me. Believe that I am fine. Begin to take a breather. Have that cup of wine. If I don't return. Its because I'm free. I send you a note, to show how happy I'll be.

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