Tia Davis/テイア

Because Of You

I don’t know how to thank you

I never thought someone that I curiously invited to my party

Would be the one to save my life and now my best friend

I knew as many others knew I was supposed to die at age 16

All due to god

You came to my rescue and gave me a breathe that was taken

And now I have a chance of many more years to live

I never cared if I died

I never cared who I would never see again

because my life was full of broken promises and mistakes

And traumatic events

That hunted me all my life

Death didn’t seem so bad

At first I hated everyone and never gave anyone a chance to touch my heart

But now I put trust into more people and I'm able to love

Because of you I now am able to allow people in my life

My breathing when sad may not be good

I'm always at risk

But now I feel so free

Because of you, I am now 17

Thank you for saving me

And with that

Now I don’t wanna die

Now and forever

I will everyday like I will live forever and live my last without knowing

Thank you

Thank you so much

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