She was conceived and born as IT

No difference in gender and merit

Nursed and dressed into girlhood

Dined and dated into a girlfriend

Married into a wife

Carried into a mother

Sewed and mended into a tailor

Toast and fried into a cook

Cleaned into a housekeeper

Cared into a caretaker


She is not born a woman

She was made part of Adam

Prone to curiosity

Charm and tempt

Jealousy and generosity

Goodness and wickedness

Angel and devil

Love and Beauty

Everything man wants

She can be serpentine

She can be Amazon

in fact He is part of She

Sinuated she at courtecy

Why history is his story

She can make herstory


She is often compared to rose

A rose is arose isa rosei sarose

She isheis heis heishe is heishe

A woman is awom an i saw oman

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  • Published: May 4th, 2020 09:22
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  • arobot

    inspired by pizza and paste she makes, and envious her of her omnipotence
    and by"a rose is a rose is a rose is arose"
    hence "a woman is a woman is a woman is a woman"

    • dusk arising

      lol @ you using this box to comment on your own poem. This box is for OTHERS to comment upon your work.... if you want to add a note or comment to your piece then there is a box provided for that purpose on the page where you add your poem.
      Hope you find this helpful. Good luck.

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